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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that we are organizing the first Arab conference on Arabic language entitled 'Impact of mother tongue in enriching knowledge & scientific research and the need for doctors and patients to communicate with them' on 23-24 May 2023, in the State of Kuwait.

In the medical world, scientists prefer to talk and write in their own language while in Arab we spare and put away our language. In spite of Arab is big region with around 200 million population, it is very rare to see teaching medicine in Arabic language, like in Syria. This reason shows that we need researches in the whole world to have Arabic language in medicine for the benefit of our nation with few million to serve a vital role in promoting healthcare and medical knowledge among Arabic speaking communities. And the decision-makers have no problem with it and therefore we are organizing a conference to find support from Arab doctors and scientists to start and issue our new development research.

In addition, Arabic medicine and researches books help to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities that can arise due to language barriers.

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As informed in the previous issue about the creation of a Scientific Research cancer center in the gulf region, we have formed a new committee including nominated doctors from each GCC country. We are in the process of conducting the first virtual meeting with these doctors and we will update the new information in our website. Scientific research cancer center in the Gulf region will have a significant impact on the field of oncology, both locally and globally. Through their research and innovative approaches to patient care, this research center will help to improve cancer survival rates, reduce treatment-related side effects, and develop new therapies for a wide range of cancer types.

Best regards,

Dr. Khaled Ahmed Al Saleh



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