Editor's Word

Dear Colleagues,

A few years back, the journal started receiving manuscripts from different authors all over the world. We were quite surprised ourselves how this journal became so famous that it attracted so many interesting papers of various cancer topics competing for publication in the journal’s limited number of pages. Ironically, much as we wanted to accommodate as many articles as we can per issue of the journal, we find ourselves constrained by the high cost of print and publication. In this issue, we included more articles than usual as we felt obliged to publish many good papers which were long overdue. Please support the journal through advertisements and donations for us to sustain our work.

In a meeting held in Cairo in 2011, the Board of Directors of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control agreed to reestablish the Gulf Society of Oncology as a scientific union of oncologists in the gulf region. One of its foremost tasks was to draft a Cancer Treatment Guideline to guide the oncologists in the gulf region with a standard set of instructions. This comprehensive draft was prepared by this editor and his group at the Kuwait Cancer Control Center. Currently the draft is being reviewed by Dr. Bassem Al Bahrani and Dr. Ibrahim Alsheneber and when completed, the draft will be posted online for comments and suggestions by member oncologists in the gulf region. We will make an announcement on this soon.

The Conference on the Burden of Cancer in the Gulf Region will be held on October 21-23, 2014 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Distinguished experts from all over the world were invited to present in this 3-day international event. This editor will present a paper under the GFFCC and I encourage everyone to submit their papers and participate in this very important conference.


Best regards,

Dr. Khaled Al Saleh