Editor's Word

Dear Colleagues,

We are very proud to announce that starting this year, the Gulf Journal of Oncology will be coming out with 3 issues per year to accommodate the increasing number of manuscript submissions. The additional issue of the journal will not be possible without the financial support of the Kuwait Foundation for Advance Sciences (KFAS) which has supported the journal’s publication since many years now.

I would like to inform everyone that a partnership between the Gulf Centre for Cancer Control under the Executive Office of the Health Ministers’ Council for the GCC, and the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control, a non-government organization with 16 member cancer associations in the gulf was recently agreed. We would like to thank H.E. Prof. Tawfik Khoja, Director General of the Executive Board of Health Ministers’ Council for the GCC for his marvelous effort and Dr. Ali Zahrani, Executive Director of the Gulf Centre for Cancer Control and Prevention, for their support to establish this partnership and the Gulf Awareness Group. We also appreciate the efforts of Dr. Khalid bin Jabel Al Thani, Chairman of the GFFCC, for his continuous support. To date, the Gulf Awareness Group has held 3 meetings in Riyadh, Al Hasaa and Kuwait, to discuss the details of the gulf campaign. It has been agreed that the first week of February (1-7) shall be observed as an Annual Cancer Awareness Week in the gulf where many awareness activities are planned to be held all over the GCC countries.


Finally, I would like to focus on the forthcoming 7th GFFCC International Oncology Conference in Muscat, Oman in September 2015. We would like to thank the Oman Cancer Association who are organizing this conference in collaboration with the Royal Hospital, Ministry of Health, Oman. I am inviting all oncology doctors in the gulf and the arab region to attend this conference which will focus on target therapy in cancer management. Given the chance, the GFFCC council will be meeting during this period to plan for new projects and activities for the coming the years ahead.

Best regards,

Dr. Khaled Al Saleh