Editor's Word

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce the election of the new members of the Board of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control (GFFCC). In a meeting held on 2 April 2017 in Kuwait, 14 members were elected/reelected to the Board representing the member associations of the federation. It is a welcome development that the new members are young as they imbue enthusiasm and will pave the way for a longer vision of the GFFCC’s goals and initiatives in the region. I congratulate the new board and wish the new and reelected members a warm success!

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Now on its 11th year, I am pleased to report that the GJO has attained the full recognition of an international scientific journal. As of date, more than 28 countries have so far contributed to our publications. In terms of impact, the Scimago Journal Rankings (http://www.scimagojr.com) has ranked the GJO the highest in Kuwait with an H index of 5, higher than the Kuwait Medical Journal which came in second (in the field of Medicine-Medicine Miscellaneous). In the whole of Middle East (which includes the GCC, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, etc), the GJO is ranked No. 30 in the same field – one of the very few GCC scientific journals to make it to the top 50 list (in the same field). More information is available on the SJR link provided on the journal’s website. Thank you all for the support!

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Finally, I would like to express my thanks to the Gulf Centre for Cancer Control and Prevention (GCCCP) for accepting the task of reviewing the Treatment Protocol Guidelines together with the GFFCC. The review will begin on breast and colorectal cancer protocols and would require 20 experts (2 from each GCC country and Yemen (2x7=14), 2 from GCCCP and 4 representatives from GFFCC). This is a very important task and we hope for the completion of the review very soon.


Best regards,

Dr. Khaled Al Saleh


Highlights of the Conference:

The 1st Combined Gulf Cancer Conference, Awareness Strategy: Reality and Ambition. 2-3 April 2017, Kuwait