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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to reintroduce The Gulf Cancer Society, established in 2007 by Gulf Federation for Cancer Control (GFFCC), serves as a pivotal force for scientific collaboration and advancement in the field of oncology within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Yemen. Its objectives include supervising federation conferences, promoting joint research, fostering cooperation among oncology branches, facilitating the Gulf Journal of Oncology, and encouraging international scientific exchange. Comprising esteemed doctors and experts, the society's leadership embodies a visionary approach to oncological progress.

In the last GFFCC board meeting on November 22, 2022, in Sharjah, GFFCC board has recommended Dr. Humaid Al Shamsi to be the rapporteur of the Gulf Society of Oncology, and he was asked to start his nominations for the new formation of the Gulf Society of Oncology. The society's role in overseeing conferences ensures high scientific standards, while its collaboration efforts stimulate shared research, bridge interdisciplinary gaps, and bolster the academic landscape. Through these initiatives, the Gulf Cancer Society emerges as a beacon of scientific excellence, fostering innovation and enhancing cancer care in the GCC region and beyond.

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As you know, the Gulf Center for Cancer Control and Prevention at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center and the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control are jointly organizing the Combined Gulf Cancer Conference each year. This year we are going to organize sixth Gulf Conference which will take place in November and more details will be updated in website. The main aims of the conference are to address local, regional, and global experiences on the challenges facing healthcare systems as well as the opportunities for healthcare providers and cancer control experts, decision makers, economists, civil societies and other non-governmental organizations, and public activists to exchange their experiences to be prepared and ready to respond during and beyond crises of any type and to uphold healthcare standards for ill or extreme ill individuals during difficult times.

Best regards,

Dr. Khaled Ahmed Al Saleh



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